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Copper Wiring Devices Tamper Resistant Standard and Decorator Receptacles

Introducing the newest in safety design that meets 2008 NEC® requirements for new construction in dwelling units. Each year more than 2,400 children are injured by inserting foreign objects into receptacles.*

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About Us


Mr. DiLeo began his career in his family hardware store in the mid 80s where he learned the importance of customer service and loyalty. He gained all of his knowledge through the teachings of his father, Gus DiLeo Jr. and his grandmother, Francis. They were both huge influences on him on the aspects of running a successful business.

It wasn’t until 1991 that he broadened his horizons by forming Cardinal Electric Supply with his two cousins. He had built the business on one principle: and that was to maintain the best possible customer satisfaction possible. This is what catapults Cardinal Electric above and beyond our competition. Complete with his background knowledge of hardware and with the added advantage of his father being an electrician by trade, the core of the business was formed.

In February of 2008, Mr. DiLeo had taken over Cardinal by buying out his cousins. Two years later, in the midst of a recession, Cardinal is now expanding with a second location on Hylan Blvd., where Mr. DiLeo first began all those years ago. Mr. DiLeo holds a rare quality today not present in many company owners: he works directly with his customers, and works hands-on every day of the year. He is a proud father of four children, and credits most of his success to his wife Gemma.


Philip began his career in the electrical industry as an electrician before branching off to manage a local hardware store for eight years and becoming the head of the Plumbing Department. In 2002, Philip worked his way up through the ranks at Home Depot, eventually making it to assistant store manager. He was also a top salesperson in the Electrical and Plumbing Departments.

Now, two years later, he’s come on board with Cardinal so he can get back into the union and excel as one of Cardinal’s leading sales agents. Phil will also be involved with getting our second location off the ground and adding more than just electrical items to its inventory base.


Dion began his career with Cardinal in 1999. Before that Dion headed one of the leading trucking and moving companies on the East Coast. He learned how to coordinate deliveries through-out the 5 boroughs and even out of state. Taking that knowledge, Dion now is head of all logistics. Dion also is the warehouse manager where he has complete control of over 20,000 items that are being shipped out all over the tri-state area. He will also be handling the inventory management in our 2nd location, maintaining quantity control.


Frank has over forty years of experience when it comes to the electrical industry. His career began in the 60s with East Coast Lighting where he started off as a driver. He eventually moved up to shop steward and was in charge of all ordering and quotations, even earning the privilege of becoming a large part in the renovation of Yankee Stadium in the 70s.

For over two decades Frank led East Coast Lighting, developing them into one of the leading supply houses in New York. Unfortunately in the early 90s, East Coast had been sold and dissolved, leading Frank to Cardinal Electric in 1991.

Since then, Frank has controlled Cardinal Electric Supply in every aspect of the industry. Frank is well known in the electrical field, and has given Cardinal the extra boost it needed to get on its feet when we were just a newcomer to the Electrical Business. Frank is head of the ordering of all inventory, and quoting of major job expansions. He is the Local Union #3 shop steward for Cardinal Electric Supply, and also a proud grandpa.

In 2010, Frank will oversee Cardinal’s second location on Hylan Blvd. where he began his career back in the 1960s.

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