Electrical Services in Middlesex County

Electrical Services in Middlesex County NJ

Do you know if you’re in need of electrical services in Middlesex County, NJ? According to the National Fire Prevention Association, electrical distribution issues such as faulty wiring and breaker boxes are the primary culprits causing a shocking number of house fires in America. But if homeowners become more knowledgeable about recognizing early signs of an out-of-date electric system, this grim statistic could be reduced!

Electrical Services in Middlesex County | Does Your Electrical Wiring Need to Be Replaced?

Your Circuit Breaker Trips Often:

It’s natural for a circuit breaker to trip when more than one appliance is connected on the same line – an overload of power is bound to happen eventually. But if it keeps happening often, this should be seen as an issue that needs attention right away. There could be potentially hazardous problems with your home wiring or panel upgrade required- don’t take this red flag lightly!

The lifespan of an electrical panel is roughly 25 to 40 years, which means that if yours has been around for a while it might not be able to handle modern-day electricity demands. Therefore, if you have some new appliances in mind – such as a big fridge or hot tub – the smartest choice would be swapping out your old system and replacing it with one offering 200 amp capacity.

Middlesex County Electrical ServicesFrayed Wiring:

You must never overlook frayed wiring. If a wall is exposed during renovation and you see that the wiring is damaged, immediately contact an electrician as this represents a grave fire and shock hazard.

Smoke or Outlet Discoloration:

If you smell a hint of smoke or see it in your home, don’t hesitate to take immediate action. Remember, where there’s smoke, there is usually fire. If you inspect the area further and see scorch marks around an outlet – be aware! This could signal loose wiring inside said socket that may be leading to arcing electricity – it pays off to exercise caution in such cases. To stay safe until help arrives, make sure all electrical appliances are unplugged from any power source before then.

Dimming Lights:

Extreme weather, such as a thunderstorm or heavy winds, can cause your lights to blink on and off. This could be caused by falling branches hitting power lines nearby. If this happens during regular days without any stormy conditions however, it might be time to upgrade the electrical wiring of your home since the current setup may not be able handle its energy needs anymore.

Strange Sounds from Outlets & Fixtures:

Are you hearing that strange buzzing coming from your outlets or light fixtures? If so, then it may be time to investigate a potential wiring problem. Replacing the bulb might seem like an easy solution, but it’s best not to overlook the possibility of bad wiring being at fault. By using your ears and listening closely, you can uncover any underlying problems with your electrical system sooner rather than later!

Old Aluminum Wiring:

If you own a house built in the late sixties or early seventies, it is essential to upgrade its wiring. Many of these dwellings had aluminum wiring which research has proven to be up to fifty times more likely to cause fire damage than copper wiring due its higher heat resistance. Therefore, replacing this outdated system with one featuring copper wires will ensure greater safety for your home and family.

Warm/Vibrating Outlets:

Be aware of any sensations of heat when you are close to an outlet. A properly functioning socket should always be cool, and if it is not, you may also feel a vibration from the wire that indicates damaged wiring. Acting promptly on this issue is essential; if left unchecked, plugging in a cord could lead to your entire home catching fire.

Unsure about the safety of your home’s electrical system? It’s time to book a professional home safety inspection with an experienced Middlesex County electrician. Through this assessment, they can detect and fix any malfunctions or risks present in your NJ residence’s wiring integrity, panel performance, GFCI protection, and beyond! Don’t delay – ensure that you are fully protected against any potential hazards today.

Looking for a Professional and Reliable Middlesex County Electrician for Electrical Repairs?

Cardinal Electric is the go-to for company for commercial and residential electrical services in Central NJ. All of our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our electricians can install anything from new security lighting for your outdoors to a whole home generator that will keep your appliances working during a power outage. Service towns in the Middlesex County, NJ area include Monmouth Junction, South Brunswick, Monroe, Milltown, Helmetta, Old Bridge, Woodbridge, Piscataway, Edison, Old Bridge, Woodbridge and many more! For more information, call us today at (732) 672-0187, or visit our website.

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