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EV Charging Station Services

Hire a Local Electrician to install your home electric car charger today!

Officially the hassle of finding a electric car charging station near you is over, have one installed in your home today! Our team of local electricians can install your EV home charger for you, hassle free. With over 33 different types of electric car models on the market today, finding the right electrical car charger can be challenging. Trust our professional EV charging station installation contractors to find you the best fit for your EV charging station.

Installing Electrical Car Charging Station in Your Garage

Are you looking to charge your electrical vehicle overnight while you sleep? Installing an electric vehicle charging station in your garage can help make your overall experience with this new technology better. Our Cardinal Electric team of electric vehicle charger installers will provide your garage with the power it needs, as well as ensure the safety and accessibility of your charging station. Speak to a representative today to book your free estimate!

 How Much Does it Cost to Install an Electric Car Charging Station?

Electric car charging stations typically vary in cost.  There is no set-in-stone price for this service due to the intricacies of everyones electrical grid. Most of the time we are able to use your current electrical panel which can save you thousands in parts and labor.  If you have additional circuit breakers on your current electrical panel that we can use without overloading your system, then this can be a fairly straight forward process.  All electricians charge by the hour and parts needed to complete your job.  Your best option for pricing is to call us and we can have a certified electrician evaluate your unique needs.

Can I Install My Own Electric Car Charger?

Are you wondering if you can install your own electric car charger at your home?  Well, while we appreciate your willingness to try new things, this one is best left to certified electricians.  Not only is your job going to be completed in a timely manner, most importantly it will be done right!  The last thing we want to hear is a phone call from one of our customers telling us that they tried to do this installation themselves which led to electric shock, shorting, or worst, a fire.  Believe us when we tell you, we’ve heard it all!  Do yourself a favor and schedule your electric car charging station installation by an electrician in advance before you purchase your new EV!

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