MB Flat Roof Installation

Modified Bitumen Flat Roof Installation

At Biondo Contracting, we have been installing Polymer-Modified Bitumen Membrane for all of our flat roof applications for over 25 years. The installation in which we use Modified Bitumen (MB), is heat-welded or torch-applied, this application provides the best way to be fully adhered. MB can be installed over an existing layer of membrane or the removal of existing materials down to a bare deck. When removal of an existing roof, Fibre Base underlayment is needed to provide a fire-resistant material to be able to withstand the heat-welded or torch-applied process. After installation of an MB system is complete, we then apply an Aluminum Fibrated roof sealer over the entire roof area. The sealer provides a silver coating, which helps protect the roof from the suns UV rays, this will help extend the life of the MB installation.




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